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Great Tyne Row and Northern Rowing Council.


The Great Tyne Row is one of many events organised by the Northern Rowing Council. This event along with the Long Distance Sculling Series, the Sunday League and the Junior Inter Regional Regatta Trials are organised by a group of volunteers to build a stronger and more varied events programme for the clubs of the Northern Region and beyond. 


The Northern Rowing Council is made up of reps from clubs from around the 4 counties of the North East and part of Cumbria. We cover 37 clubs covering the River Tweed down to the River Tees, the North Sea to Talkin Tarn. Its aims are to increase rowing participation and encourage clubs to follow British Rowing's policies and procedures and to a encourage a safe and happy environment for all. 


The Northern Rowing Council supports the region through organisation of events such as this but also via grant funding for coaching, training and providing umpires, event coordination, representation on National Council and lots of other boring behind the scenes things. 


Find out more about the Northern Rowing Council by visiting their website

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