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At the Great Tyne Row we don't just award those who complete the course in the fastest times, we love our rowers who live life to the fullest. Henley brings out the colour with blazers well we want you to bring out the colour with your crew's personality. We want to thank those who go that extra mile (not literally we aren't going to rescue you from the North Sea) to make the event colourful and special. That's why we recognise those who've made the effort to dress in their finest and decked the boat out as well. This is also our chance to recognise special acheivements with our Harry Clasper award, for those, who the committee feel should be recognised for a fantastic acheivement. 


Awards and category prizes

Headline awards for fastest crews


We have 4 overall fastest boat types in the event. Each crew receives a Shield (to be returned to the event organisers the following year), a pennant to keep and a bottle of fizz to drink.


  • William Fawcus Shield - Fastest Overall Boat 


  •  Catherine Cookson Foundation Shield - Fastest Women’s Boat


  • Henry Frederick Swan Shield - Fastest Fixed Seat 


  • Grace Darling Shield - Fastest Women’s or Mixed Fixed Seat


​Crew type/Boat class awards. The fastest crew in each type/class (e.g. Women's Stable 4+) will receive a pennant and each crew member a glass tankard or tumbler. An award will only be given when 3 or more crews enter any given type/class.


Best Dressed Crew and Best Decorated Boat. These 2 awards are for the more flamboyant entrants in the event; each winning crew will receive a pennant and bottle of fizz.


Harry Clasper award. This award is presented on discretion of the organising committee. It will be awarded under special circumstances to any crew, individual rower or any other person helping going above and beyond what would normally be expected. The crew or person shall receive a pennant, bottle of fizz, and a glass trophy.


“Enjoying the View” (slowest boat). This is awarded to the crew who took their time to enjoy the view on the course and completed in the slowest time. The crew is awarded a pennant and a bottle of fizz.


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