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Great Tyne Row


Thank you for your entry! We really hope you're looking forward to taking part in the Great Tyne Row!


You should shortly receive an automated e-mail showing your entry has been put in. Please make sure to check your junk mail box as your e-mail client may think we're dodgy. 


As soon as our event secretary can, you will receive an invoice asking for payment for your entry. They will also ask if you'd like any event t-shirts.


To show how excited you are in the mean time make sure you tweet, instagram, Facebook post or any other way of social communication using #slogonthetyne. (We don't reccommend shouting it at friends though, they'll just think you're strange!)


You can also keep up to date by checking out the NEWS section..


If you need to get hold of anyone check out who you need to contact by seeing the CONTACTS page. 


Please remember that everyone who works to make the Great Tyne Row happen are volunteers, so please be patient with us if we don't respond straight away.



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