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We love big boats, and we cannot lie! So that's why we like this event with its larger, stable sliding-seat boats and the fixed-seat skiffs and other coastal boats.  Anything capable of dealing with slightly rougher water and by an oar or two and coxed can take part. And we love adding colour to our event so get planning fancy dress now! 


Entries are requested by 31 Jul 22 and close on 7 Aug 22 

How to enter

Entries will be by email only, to Claire McGuire at, attaching the completed entry form. The form is downloadable on the documents page here. Please use the Excel version if possible as it helps our data extraction greatly.

The form is pretty self explanatory, but get in touch if bemused by it. You can easily submit revised versions as and when you fill in the details. There is a pdf version to print out if Excel is not possible. Or if you must, just send an email with all the info in it!

An invoice with bank details will be emailed to you on receipt of your entry. Payment should then be made by online transfer as soon as possible and no later than a couple of days before race day.

Please remember that you can substitute 100% of your crew and your boat type up until the close of entries. After that you can substitute 50% of crew only.

Entry dates and costs

Price includes entry to the event (coxes go free) - T-shirts extra *:


  • Entries are £20 per seat up to 31 July 2022 (and we would like most entries by then so we can judge if the event is viable or not), and then £25 up to the close..

  • Entries close on 7 August  2022 (but get in touch if late, as we may just be able to take you, but no promises)

  • If entry cost is a restriction we are happy to discuss.

   * Details of T-shirts to follow shortly

Crew options

Crew options are:


  • Open - Can be a boat crewed by either women or men in any combination.

  • Mixed - at least 50% of those actually rowing at any one time must be female; the coxswain may be either male or female

  • Women - Those actually rowing at any one time must all be female competitors. A male coxswain is allowed, but must remain in the coxswain seat for the entire journey. 

Rowers and coxswains are allowed to swap at any point in the row, subject to the above, 

Boat types

The Great Tyne Row accepts entries for stable or coastal coxed rowing boats. We do not allow fine or coxless boats to enter. 


We have so far had:


  • Stable 4x+

  • Stable 4+

  • Stable 2x+

  • St Ayles Skiff 4+

  • Whitby style coastal 4+

  • Celtic Longboat

  • Hanningfield Skiff 3+

  • Ocean-going double


If you would like to enter another type of boat in 2019 please contact us. We would like to have a wide variety as possible and would love to have other entries such as Cornish Pilot Gigs. Any boat type not familiar to us may have to be risk assessed.

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